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BBox Player V3 - It's all about music.

BBox is a FREE music player for the PC that lets you play, edit, convert and manage audio files, rip CDs, and enjoy all the free music to the maximum.
An authentic music center with numerous possibilities to take control of almost any task related to digital music.

BBox is also designed for the more advanced users as it offers some interesting utilities beyond its intuitive interface.

- Without music, life would be a mistake - (Friedrich Nietzsche)

BBox is designed to run under
Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7


Discover the all new version of BBox Player.
It's faster, it's better, it's V3, the third generation of this versatile music center.

A shiny new interface, built-in theme support, new advanced sound processing algoritmes and full unicode support, are some are of the new features in this version.



BBox features a built-in CD player & ripper, Internet radio (PLS & ASX), a music organizer, an ID3 tag editor, Smart-Volume (based on ReplayGain), backwards & variable playback speed, equalizer & compressor, it supports Sonique visualization plug-ins, integrates with the Windows' shell, has an optional Deskband toolbar, it minimizes to a tray icon, and more.



After eigth years of working on BBox, it's a great honor to be acknowledged for our work by independant software reviewers. We are very proud of the awards given to us.

The crowning glory of our work however is the fact that so many of you enjoy our software on a daily basis!

Thank you for choosing BBox!


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